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Will My Hairline Lowering Results Look Natural?

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One of the keys to achieving natural looking results with hairline lowering is to find a plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience with the procedure. The incision used to lower the hairline will significantly impact the final appearance. When performed properly, this incision can be hidden within the hairline, making any resulting scar virtually invisible.

Factors that may impact the results of your hairline lowering (forehead reduction) procedure can include:

Patients with a straight hairline may feel that their final results look more natural compared to patients with a less even hairline. Since your natural hair can help camouflage the incision, patients with a thicker hair density tend to have less visible scarring. Finally, patients with more skin laxity along the scalp can have a decreased risk of altering the position of the eyebrows. However, each individual is unique, and the best way to find out if hairline lowering can achieve your desired results is to schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.

During the consultation process, your plastic surgeon will review your medical history as well as conduct a thorough physical exam of your scalp and brow to help you determine if hairline lowering is the best procedure to accomplish your aesthetic goals. In some cases, a hair transplant procedure may be better suited for your needs. In addition, patients who are striving to improve their overall facial harmony often consider additional facial procedures, including cosmetic injectables, fat grafting, or eyelid surgery.

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