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Hair Restoration with Injectables

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The injection of natural growth factors is one of the latest non-surgical treatments for thinning hair and hair loss. This type of procedure uses a potent series of microinjections to stimulate, strengthen, and restore miniaturized hair follicles. Our hair restoration surgeon, Carrie A. Houssock, MD, FACS, believes injectable therapies have shown tremendous potential among well-qualified patients experiencing both genetic and non-hereditary types of hair loss. She is enthusiastic about offering these quick, minimally-invasive treatments to help male and female patients who want to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

What Is Hair Restoration With Injectables?

Hair restoration with injectables can provide the scalp with growth factors that have the potential to activate weakened and thinning hair follicles and encourage hair growth. To perform this technique, the provider draws the patient’s own blood the day of the procedure and separates it using a special, computerized centrifuge. This can create a potent blend of growth factors and proteins that promote cellular regeneration and hair growth. This sought-after, non-surgical type of treatment can provide a steady supply of essential growth factors to the hair follicles, which can aid in slowing (and potentially improving) the hair loss process in many patients.

What Are The Benefits of Hair Restoration With Injectables?

While hair restoration using regenerative properties is still relatively new, it has shown promise in other specialties, such as wound healing, orthopedics, and dentistry. However, for hair restoration, the use of injections to stimulate the body’s natural healing process is considered “off-label.” Off-label use of medical treatments is common practice.

Initial clinical results have revealed that hair restoration with injectables can often offer the following benefits:

  • Prevention of further hair loss
  • Strengthening of weak hair
  • Stimulation of new hair growth

Who Is a Candidate for Hair Restoration With Injectables?

Men and women experiencing genetic and non-hereditary types of hair loss can potentially be good candidates for this type of injection therapy. Ideal candidates are men and women who are already utilizing another non-surgical hair loss method, such as Propecia® (finasteride), Rogaine®, Formula 82M, or low level laser therapy (LLLT) with a laser comb or cap. The reason for this is to position the hair in the maximal growing phase when the injections are provided. Those in the early stages of hair loss may benefit most from this injectable therapy, along with patients who have undergone hair transplant surgery and need an effective method for retaining non-transplanted hairs. The procedure can be especially helpful for women with general hair thinning. Ultimately, your surgeon can evaluate your hair loss during a consultation and determine if hair restoration with injectables – or another type of hair restoration treatment – is best suited for your individual hair loss pattern.

How is Hair Restoration With Injectables Performed?

Once you and your surgeon have decided to move forward with injection therapy, you can schedule your session. On the day of your treatment, a sample of your blood will be collected, centrifuged, and mixed with a medical-grade wound healing solution. Your surgeon will carefully inject the mixture into designated areas of the scalp at a precise depth beneath the skin where it can be most beneficial to the follicles. Treatment typically takes about 60 minutes, and you can usually resume your workday or regular activities right after your session. A cooling machine is used for comfort and we do offer nitrous oxide supplementation in the event of extreme sensitivity.

The benefits of this quick procedure can include:

  • Minimally-invasive and generally well-tolerated
  • Recovery is usually swift and easily manageable
  • Treatment takes approximately 60 minutes
  • Most patients can return to work or regular activities right after treatment

Combining Hair Restoration With Injectables With Hair Transplant Surgery

For hair transplant surgery patients, our surgeon very often recommends supplementing the procedure with the injection of natural growth factors to help maintain native hairs. Ideally, injection therapy prevents further loss of non-transplanted hairs, strengthens hair follicles, and encourages new growth. The combination of tissue regeneration with injectables and hair transplantation can provide patients with more comprehensive improvement in the overall appearance of their hair, and can assist in preserving the quality of results. It also has the added benefit of fostering growing transplant follicles in the early stages of growth.

Are There Any Side Effects for Hair Restoration With Injectables?

Side effects of hair restoration with injectables are generally mild and temporary, as the treatment is very well tolerated by most patients. There is usually a bit of soreness, tightness, redness, and inflammation after the procedure; however, these should improve within a day or two. Over-the-counter Tylenol® or ibuprofen is typically adequate for managing any discomfort. You may also notice tiny points of blood where the injections were performed—this is entirely normal. If you have any questions or concerns following treatment, we recommend contacting our practice as soon as possible.

What Can I Expect After Hair Restoration With Injectables?

Once the local anesthetic wears off after treatment, your scalp may feel mildly sore for about 48 hours. Recovery is usually swift, and within about four to eight months, patients typically start to see results. Commonly reported improvements include thicker, denser hair in the treated areas. Your surgeon will keep a close watch on your progress and can formulate an appropriate treatment plan to help maintain or further improve your results. The positive effects of hair restoration with injectables can be evident for several months, or even years, depending on your unique hair loss pattern and responsiveness to treatment. The need for repeat treatments will be discussed with you.

How Much Does Hair Restoration With Injectables Cost?

The average price for hair restoration with injectables at our practice generally ranges from $1000 to $1200. The exact expense is determined by the size of the treatment area and the amount of natural growth factors injected during the session. It is common for patients to undergo more than one treatment session to achieve optimal results. Generally, our protocol for patients is three sessions over eight months, with biannual or annual maintenance as needed.

If you are interested in exploring financing options that can make paying for hair restoration with injectables more convenient and affordable, we encourage you to speak with a knowledgeable member of our office team. Based on the amount of your cost quotation, you can submit applications for financing from the trusted third-party lenders we partner with: CareCredit®, ALPHAEON CREDIT, and Blispay. Qualified applicants can benefit from a variety of low-interest/no-interest loans and flexible monthly payment structures.

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