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Surgical Dermabrasion

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When you want or need a more advanced approach to treat the wrinkles around your mouth, surgical dermabrasion is a time tested procedure. Those who have smoked or had extensive sun exposure are especially vulnerable to wrinkles in this area, causing them to look older than their age and to experience unsightly “bleeding” of their lipstick.

In this technique, the top layer of skin is surgically abraded, resulting in a smoother skin contour and a 50 percent improvement in wrinkles for most patients. The results may be enhanced by also using a lip-filler like Restylane®. Patients receive IV sedation during the procedure to ensure their comfort. The healing time is about one week and redness may persist for a few weeks. It is it important that a plastic surgeon or someone who is highly qualified performs this more advanced skin care procedure to ensure excellent results. Contact JEV Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics for more information.