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Microdermabrasion is an exciting development in skin care treatment that gently peels away the dead surface layers of your skin to reveal the fresher, tighter, younger-looking skin beneath. Most patients notice improvements in their skin texture and appearance immediately. Used in combination with our medical grade skin care products, our patients have achieved smooth, glowing, beautiful skin they’re proud to show off every day. This technique can also be combined with a Photofacial™ (IPL®) to achieve beautiful results.

Microdermabrasion is most often performed on your face, but can be used anywhere your skin needs freshening and smoothing. The procedure, which involves passing a diamond-tipped wand over your skin to remove and trap dead skin cells, takes only 20 minutes. This procedure prevents microparticles from reacting with your skin or respiratory system, which can clog your pores or even interfere with your breathing. Most patients find that a series of microdermabrasion peels is most successful.

“The staff is extremely nice and very professional, they do great work. They go above and beyond for us the patients.”

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