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What Is a Mini Brow Lift

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Brow LiftWhat Is a Mini-Brow Lift?
Mini-brow lift is a less-invasive surgical procedure that can help many individuals achieve a rejuvenated facial aesthetic. This precise procedure is completed using a tiny incision concealed within the hairline through which forehead muscles are surgically released. This process smoothes and gently lifts the forehead to both elevate the brow line and reduce hooding in the upper eyelids. A small amount of excess skin is also removed close to the incision to further enhance the appearance of the forehead. Recovery after the procedure is relatively swift, and any discomfort or mild numbness typically resolves quickly.

The mini-brow lift procedure can be more effective and provide longer-lasting results than treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport®, but it may not deliver the degree of enhancement that can be achieved with a full surgical brow lift. Individuals with severe to moderate skin laxity who desire more comprehensive, longer-lasting results may want to consider a full brow lift as a more effective alternative to mini-brow lift. Board-certified plastic surgeon James E. Vogel, MD can perform a complete facial evaluation and help you determine which brow lift procedure may provide you with the smooth, lifted results you desire.

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