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Rachel Mulherin Discusses Her Vivace™ RF Microneedling Experience

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Jewelry Designer Rachel Mulherin is definitely living her best life! When she started to notice visible signs of skin aging, she turned to state-of-the-art Vivace RF microneedling. Vivace promised to be a quick, effective treatment with no downtime that would allow her to return to her busy lifestyle with a dewy, youthful, all-over glow. Her main goals were to achieve skin tightening and reduce large pores, while addressing changes in the delicate skin around her eyes and mouth.

Rachel’s Vivace treatment went smoothly, and while the microchannels in her skin were still fresh, growth factors (also known as PRP or platelet-rich plasma) were applied and allowed to saturate into the deeper tissue for an added boost to the skin repair and rejuvenation process. After just a single treatment session, she’s noticed remarkable improvement in the smoothness and radiance of her skin. Rachel still has two more sessions to go, which should further enhance the quality of her results!

Watch Rachel Mulherin’s Vivace Experience for yourself:

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