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Baltimore Fat Transfer to Calves Results

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Calf Augmentation

Many patients are unable to improve the definition of the lower legs through exercise alone. James E. Vogel, M.D. one of Baltimore’s top plastic surgeons is offering calf augmentation with fat transfer to produce prominent and completely natural looking calves.

About the Procedure

Calf augmentation is done to make the legs appear more shapely and defined. This can create a greater feeling of confidence, particularly in clothes, such as shorts and swimsuits. Calf augmentation can be done with implants or fat injection. With the fat transfer, fat is harvested from one site on the body (such as abdomen or thighs) and transferred to the calf muscle through a very small incision.

Recovery from Calf Augmentation

Immediately following the surgery the calves may feel stiff and sore. Some swelling and bruising is to be expected. Normal physical activities may be resumed a few days after the fat transfer surgery. Patients can resume full activity in 5 to 7 days after fat injections. However vigorous activities such as exercise should be delayed until about six weeks after the surgery.

Risks with Calf Augmentation

The risks of fat transfer/fat injection are few and minimal. Soreness and swelling are possible. The body can also reabsorb the fat injections, which is difficult to predict. With fat transfer, the average patient may need more than one treatment to get the desired result.

Featured Patient

We just recently saw a patient approximately one year following fat transfer to the calves. She has an amazing, very natural result.

1 year following fat transfer to the calves

1 year following fat transfer to the calves

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