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Can I Get a Breast Lift Without implants?

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Many patients who consider a breast lift aren’t interested in enlarging their breasts. This leads to a very common question: “Can I get a breast lift without implants?”

Each patient is different, so it depends on their individual situation, but if there is adequate breast tissue available, it is definitely possible to lift the breast without the need to add volume through the use of breast implants. However, in cases where it is not possible, I will recommend a very modest implant that can still achieve an attractive and natural-looking silhouette.

For women who are able to undergo a breast lift without implants, it is still important to be aware that skin removal and tightening are both part of the process, so breast volume will be reduced. This means these patients often require a smaller bra size after surgery. The incisions made to eliminate the excess skin are strategically placed, and will depend on your individual situation, but every effort is made to create minimal scarring. To learn more about incision options and scarring after breast lift surgery, please check back to our blog soon for my follow-up post about breast lift surgery.

If you are interested in finding out if breast surgery without implants is right for you, please contact my office to learn more or to schedule a consultation with me for personalized answers to your questions. I look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Carrie A. Houssock