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Are Hair Transplant Results Permanent?

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Hair transplants are designed to permanently replace missing hair through surgical grafting of healthy, flourishing hair from another area of the scalp or beard. Because our experienced surgeon, Dr. James E. Vogel is skilled in performing the most advanced hair transplantation techniques for harvesting and grafting hair, our male and female patients can often enjoy long-lasting results that look natural.

Long-Lasting Results with Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and transplantation techniques relocate the entire follicular unit and supporting fat structure, reinserting it into areas of healthy scalp. Ideally, with proper post-surgical care, these grafts will heal and hair will continue to grow for a lifetime. The first step toward success in any hair transplant procedure is selecting donor hair that is not likely to fall out. Ideal donor hair is typically found along the back and sides of the scalp, within the “permanent zone” where hair is typically genetically encoded to grow indefinitely. If the patient does not possess adequate donor hair in the scalp area, then Dr. Vogel may choose to harvest follicular units from the beard. All of the transplant techniques Dr. Vogel offers have the potential to deliver permanent results.

Learn More about Hair Transplants by Dr. Vogel

Dr. Vogel is one of the nation’s top hair transplant surgeons and has been performing surgery for over 20 years. As a respected authority and educator in the field of hair restoration, Dr. Vogel’s experience speaks for itself. If you are considering hair transplant surgery, contact our practice and schedule a consultation with Dr. Vogel. Together you and Dr. Vogel can discuss your hair loss challenges, which hair transplant options may be right for you, and what kind of results you can expect.