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Hairline Lowering and Hair Transplants – Baltimore Plastic Surgeon On Balancing Facial Symmetry

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Dr. Carrie A. Houssock employs surgical and non-surgical techniques such as injectables, hairline lowering, and hair transplants to maximize facial symmetry with natural-looking results.

Baltimore, MD – Though many people associate plastic surgery with lifting sagging skin or smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, innovative techniques and technological advancements have allowed men and women to address a much wider range of cosmetic concerns. Dr. Carrie A. Houssock is a Baltimore plastic surgeon who approaches each treatment with the goal of improving the overall aesthetics of one’s appearance. She says a number of procedures, including dermal fillers, hairline lowering, and hair transplants, can be used to address symmetry among facial features that can ultimately provide a more balanced look.

When dealing with facial symmetry, Dr. Houssock says subtle changes can make a significant impact. She employs a number of surgical and non-surgical treatments to achieve harmony among his patients’ facial features. According to Dr. Houssock, “Injectables, including Perlane® and JUVÉDERM™, can be used to augment features of the face such as the chin, cheeks, or lips.” By enhancing these contours of the face, she says she is able to give his patients fuller lips or a stronger chin for a look that is both balanced and youthful.

Hairline lowering is a procedure for improving facial symmetry that can reduce the size of the forehead and balance the proportions of the face. For many patients with a high hairline, the prominence of their forehead can be a source of embarrassment. “To help hide the forehead, many women will attempt to wear their hair in certain styles while many men simply wear a baseball cap whenever they can,” says Dr. Houssock. Hairline lowering can actually remove ½ – 1 inch of excess forehead skin so the upper and lower halves of the face look more even. Dr. Houssock says the incision from this surgical procedure can often be hidden along the hairline for a natural appearance. If patients wish to lower their hairline even further, Dr. Houssock can use a hair transplant for eligible candidates.

Dr. Houssock says, with injectable treatments and/or procedures to improve the hairline, patients have options that can work to enhance the entire facial aesthetic. “Afterward, you can enjoy greater harmony among your facial features and feel more confident in your appearance.”

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